Brand identity design is our speciality.

Great design doesn't just happen with the push of a computer button. It requires years of training, a lot of experience, and plenty of creative thinking. Our mission at Omencraft® is to fuse these things together to create unforgettable world-class brand identities.


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We specialize in...

  • Brand identity and trademark design
  • Corporate identity design systems
  • Brand identity style guides
  • Digital web/mobile design
  • Print design
  • Package design
  • Mascot design
  • Advertising campaign design
  • Event/trade show design
  • Indoor/outdoor large format design

San Francisco heart. Tokyo soul.

Our unique agency is blessed with the most talented creatives from both Tokyo and San Francisco, allowing us to deliver branding solutions fine tuned for both eastern and western markets. We are ideally suited to help your brand flourish at home and beyond.


Omencraft® was founded in 2016 by Colin M. Johnson, seasoned executive creative director with 25+ years of design experience. Colin has led creative accounts for top agencies, designed award winning websites, and has driven high profile creative campaigns for many F500 brands.


Ready to craft your brand's future?

We are ready to help you craft your brand identity so that you can communicate more effectively, have greater impact, and grow more affinity with your audience.


Our Tokyo Office
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