Traditional brand craftsmanship for our mysterious modern age.

Visionary by design.

Our mission at Omencraft® is to fuse cutting edge design, traditional hand craftsmanship,  and visionary thinking to create unforgettable world-class brand identities.

What we do...

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Take a peek....

Is it magic?

No. We're not magicians. We're craftsmen. And we're happy to share our secret.
The “magic” is in honoring the traditional design process, but with plenty of
modern thinking thrown in to the mix. 

How do we create a logo? Three steps and voilà...

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Let's do some research and set some goals.

We'll start by making sure all the brand's goals, requirements, and challenges are clearly defined. 

Time to let the creative minds play.

The ideas flow freely and many are sketched out as quick proofs of concept. Then only the strongest are vetted and presented as initial design concepts.


Asset 12.png

Now to roll up our sleeves and craft.

Leveraging traditional design fundamentals and cutting edge creative techniques, we'll hand craft the best concept into a real life brand identity. 


This is Omencraft design.

Great design doesn't just happen with the push of a computer button. It requires years of design training, a whole lot of real world experience, those oh-so intangible moments of inspired thinking, and a skilled hand. This is how we craft visionary brand identities.  


San Francisco heart. Tokyo soul.

Our unique agency is blessed with the most talented creatives from both Tokyo and San Francisco, allowing us to deliver branding solutions fine tuned for both eastern and western markets. We are ideally suited to help your brand flourish at home and beyond.


Ready to craft your brand's future?



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